About Us

Home Bazaar was established over 20 years ago. Our mission then and today is to create a line of extraordinary birdhouses and feeders.

We strive to help retailers in many different classes of trade maximize their sales by offering a a range of premium products for garden, outdoors and even decorative use.

In our workshop, we have combined our love of birds and nature together with technical and design abilities. Using only the finest materials available and with painstaking attention to detail, our products are manufactured to be used functionally outdoors and be enjoyed for years.

Birding is a big business. In the United States there are over 80 million Americans who take in some form of birding activity each year. They are spending upwards of $45 billion on bird products, feed, travel and bird paraphernalia. Birding is the 2nd most popular recreational activity in the USA (after gardening).

It is an activity that people may embrace simply sitting by the window and watching birds at the feeder or seeing a wren gathering materials for building a nest.

For children, the study of birds can be an important lesson about the cycle of life, with the advent of spring and the “birds and the bee’s story”.

More people have elected to stay closer to home and improve their spaces, especially their backyard and birding has benefited from this desire to connect with nature.

Home Bazaar has been featured in many magazines including Oprah Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Romantic Country, Victorian Homes, Elle Decor, Real Simple, Cottage Style, Gardens Illustrated, HC&G and others.

We value our partnerships with our retail partners.  We manufacture multiple lines of products that delight first time buyers and returning buyers.

We are in multiple warehouse locations throughout the US and keep inventory on hand for online retailers.


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Showroom : Americas Mart, Atlanta , GA