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Home Bazaar Inc is the manufacturer and wholesale distributor of  the world’s most spectacular line of birdhouses and birdfeeders.  Established in 1999, Home Bazaar is pleased to introduce to you our distinctive collection of both Architectural  and Exclusive Birdhouses, Feeders, Pedestals and Garden Accessories.

We started with a small space at New York International Gift show. The line consisted with five large statement pieces that were picked up by Horchow (the catalog division of Neiman Marcus).

We quickly added to the line with additional large, Signature Pieces that retailed from $100 to $400. Many of these pieces are still in the collection. These designs are intricately detailed and feature western red cedar shingled roofs.

Over the next few years, we continued to make high end pieces that were picked up by other major catalog and on- line retailers. We also sell Garden Centers, destination gift shops and many independent gift stores. We continually create new products and introduce price points to work with a variety of retailers.

We distribute multiple lines of products to cater to every customer - whether your customer is a just a beginner or is an established birder.  You can view our 2022 catalog supplement by clicking here or by visiting the Products page.